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More than 30 years of experience.

ReSeaWorld is an Italian company with a long maritime tradition. A company specialising in buying and selling oil products for the navy, RSW looks to the future by feeding on experience handed down from generation to generation.
Thanks to its well-established relationships and proven experience in the shipping industry, a young and dynamic team interacts with the major players in the maritime sector, offering support and assistance to customers and responding quickly and expertly to all kinds of needs.

Tradition and passion.

Reseaworld is a Family Company rich in tradition and passion with the aim of keeping its professionalism and acquired skills strong over time and putting them at the service of its customers.


Puntare all'eccellenza, offrendo il miglior servizio, individuando fornitori primari che garantiscono prodotti di qualità al miglior prezzo di mercato, è la mission della ReSeaWorld. La RSW guarda al futuro partecipando attivamente alle iniziative Green per tutelare l'ambiente e contribuire allo sviluppo di un ecosistema sostenibile.

Our Services


Marine fuels and lubricants are the core business ofReSeaWord. Through careful analysis of the market, RSW is able to guarantee competitive prices to its customers according to the highest quality standards respecting terms and conditions. The RSW team works by planning the strategy of supply and distribution of the different products in the various ports by offering services customised to their customers.


ReSeaWord also offers a brokerage service. The experience gained in the maritime has made the RSW team adept at negotiating and mediating between the Shipowner and the Supplier to achieve objectives according to the highest standards dictated by ISO 9001.


RSW offers quality products and services guaranteed by ISO 9001 standards. The team has in-depth knowledge of the bunkering industry and regulations on the fuel quality. These are just some of the products marketed:
· MGO 0.1%
ReSeaWord operators highly specialised in the supply of ports in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Black Sea also offer their expertise Worldwide.


ReSeaWord is also active in the marketing of lubricating oils of the major oil companies. An extensive distribution network enables a service dedicated in every port in the world, strengthened by the technical expertise that represents a strength. The company guarantees precise, punctual and high quality delivery. With high-quality products and our operational and technical support, we contribute to improve the performance and operational needs of the sector.


Thanks to the use of modern technology and new communication systems, the RSW offers continuous and consistent support 365 days a year.
Our offices are open 24/7, the RSW team is always ready to find solutions to all customer needs as the market changes.


RSW is among the few marine fuel companies in the world certified to ISO 9001:2015, a standard that certifies the quality control system and guarantees the high value of our services.


RSW has been a member of Assarmatori and IBIA (International Bunker Industry Association) for many years. In 2022 Valeria Sessa became an elected member of the board of IBIA.


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A team of experts manages the complex supply chain by providing all the necessary professionalism and expertise. The RSW employees are characterised by helpfulness and transparency in their dealings. Clear communication, organisation and work planning aim to satisfy all customer and supplier requirements.


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