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Reseaworld – Marine fuels & oils

Many years of history, passion and expertise applied to bunkering services.

ReSeaWorld provides bunkering and related services globally and aims to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction everywhere in the world.

We have thirty-five years of experience in the Shipping world, qualifying us as a competent and reliable partner.

We know your challenges and are committed to enabling you to meet them.

Thanks to a strong synergy with our first-class international partners, we offer our customers the best services, to satisfy the most different needs worldwide.

This standard of service is the true and unique ReSeaWorld heritage.




ReSeaWorld controls all phases of the bunkering chain, ensuring a reliable and professional service to our customers.



Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer the highest standard of service in an ever-developing sector, looking for the best and cost-effective solutions.



Our team is ready to deal effectively with every need you may encounter, with maximum availability and competence 24/7.


ReSeaWorld, your trusted partner for bunkering services.

trading and brokering

Trading and Brokering

We identify first class products and physical suppliers at the best price on the market. We monitor market trends in order to offer always the most competitive price.

Physical Supply

Physical Supply

We follow closely every step of the logistic supply, by either barge or truck, to ensure the correct delivery of the product.

Partnership and customer support

Partnership and Customer

We customize the relationship and the services for every customer and we grant excellent support around the clock, in order to meet the specific needs of each of our customers.

Together we cover the world

Reliable, competent, trust: at your service with discretion everywhere in the world


We are passionate about our mission: through our expertise and a perfect synergy with all our commercial partners, we deliver best-in-class bunkering services to our customers.
We are proud of the confidence Ship Owners and Suppliers placed in us and we express
our thanks for their trust and collaboration.


Valeria Sessa

Phone: +39 (0)81 8823964

Alberta Della Gatta

Phone: +39 (0)81 8823964

Mobile: +39 3386131460

Luciana Della Gatta

Phone: +39 (0)81 8823964

Mobile: +39 3383639992

Serena Sarno

Phone: +39 (0)81 8823964

Mobile:+39 3332362788

Valeria Errichiello

Phone: +39 (0)81 8823964

Mobile:+39 3336064434

Maria Petrucci

Phone: +39 (0)81 8823964

Mobile:+39 3386456755